Sunday School

Sunday School

We have adult classes that meet during each of our Worship Services.  Join one to spend time with other believers as we learn to Know Him and Make Him Known!


Gospel Project–During the 9:00 Worship Service

The continuation of a walk through the entire Bible that unveils Jesus Christ, God’s good news for all humanity.  This class is continuing in the New Testament. Room 133

Growing In Christ–During the 9:00 Worship Service

This is a series of lessons that are aimed at building up the new or young believers to stand firm on the foundation of their faith in Christ.  Lessons are based on key Bible passages that all should know and understand as they walk by faith through their lives.  Room 135


Worldviews and World Religions–During the 10:30 Worship Service

This class builds on and continues from first semester.  It is video and audio based lessons followed by discussion of various cults, religions and the worldviews that the enemy has used to capture the minds and hearts of unbelievers and lead true beleivers astray from the purity and simplicity of the Gospel.  Room 135