Core Values

Core Values

Our Core Values

The One true God, Creator of all, exists eternally as Father, Son, and
Holy Spirit:

  • God the Father, master of everything, is perfect, holy, and loving;
    therefore we will live in awe of Him and proclaim these truths in all
    our ministries.
  • God the Son, fully man and fully God, is the Savior who died for our sins
    and rose again; therefore we will share our changed lives with
  • God the Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin and resides in believers to
    energize and equip them to serve God; therefore we will seek and
    embrace His leading and empowerment.

The Bible is God’s perfect communication to us about Himself, His
redemptive plan, and how we should live our lives; therefore we will
study and apply it in every aspect of life.

The church, a community of believers, is Christ’s physical
expression in the world; therefore we will be compassionate and
loving to others.

Worship is the active, positive response to God’s nature and works;
therefore we will continually praise Him in thoughts, words, and

Prayer is an unceasing relational dialogue with God; therefore we will
involve ourselves in God’s work through purposefully communing
with Him.